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Today In Predictable Navel-Gazing Over-Intellectualizing Queer Theorist Attacks On Dan Savage

In what feels like a rerun of this JMG post about an earlier attack on Dan Savage's It Gets Better Project, today blogger Renee Martin announces that Savage is unworthy of an MTV show. Because he's only interested in the civil rights of people who look just him. Or something.
Simply because Savage is a gay man, does not mean that his cisgender, able-bodied, thin privileged, class privileged, White male body, does not represent several dominant norms, from which he can and does benefit. While he is quick to point out any homophobia that prevents him from joining the dominant class, his continual dependency on isms, suggests that his real goal is not true equality, but eradicating that which prevents him from fully enjoying all of the privileges normally assigned to a White male, cisgender, able bodied, thin, class privileged existence.
I recall one organizer grumbling to me back in San Francisco that hardcore queer activists would never be satisfied until the grand marshal of the pride parade was a "transgender polyamorous handicapped hearing-impaired immigrant two-spirit woman of color." Which would be a totally wonderful thing so see, IF that person has achieved something worthy of leading the parade.

But tokenism for the mere illusion of diversity is still tokenism. So if not Dan Savage, then who? Where is our non-white, non-thin, non-abled, non-cisgender nationally famous sex advice columnist deserving of a show on cable television?

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