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World Net Daily: Gay Parents Are Going To Abort Their Straight Babies!

Even though all good Christians know that homosexuality is a choice, today World Net Daily warns that thanks to "mushrooming genomic advances," it won't be long before gay parents are going to selectively abort heterosexual babies.
If two homosexual men want to use in vitro fertilization to conceive a baby and then use genetics technology to ensure the baby is also "gay," while disposing of any "straight" embryos, would the law have any ethical problems with that? John A. Robertson of the University of Texas Law School is the chair of the Ethics Committee of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine and an advocate of what his book "Children of Choice" calls "procreative liberty." In a paper for the Washington, D.C., think tank Brookings Institution, Robertson presents a futuristic scenario where advancing science and society's evolving morality could create a once only dreamed-of ethical dilemma:

"Larry, a pediatrician, and David, a wills lawyer, meet in their late 20s, fall in love, and marry on June 15, 2025, in Indianapolis," Robertson writes. "By 2030, they are well-enough established in their careers to think about having their own child. Larry's 24-year-old sister Marge has agreed to donate her eggs, and David will provide the sperm, so that each partner will have a genetic connection with the child. … In the process, Larry and David come to realize that they would prefer to have a male child that shares their sexual orientation." He continues, "The clinic doctors are experts in embryo screening and alteration, but cannot guarantee that the resulting embryos will in fact turn out to be homosexual. To increase the certainty, they will insert additional 'gay gene' sequences in the embryos."
In today's article, World Net Daily manages to refrain from raising the scenario of Christians aborting gay babies. That wasn't the case in 2007 when columnist Jill Stanet predicted the mass abortion of "swishy blastocysts" and the "annihilation of lots of little lesbians," should the gay gene ever be identified.

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