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HomoQuotable - B. Daniel Blatt

"Hopefully, people will learn from the various experiences of gay people at this year’s CPAC, showing that while most rank-and-file conservatives are willing to work alongside gay conservatives, some are not wiling to do so if such association means the exclusion of social conservatives. Despite some misunderstandings expressed in the comment section to the blog and elsewhere, we do not seek their exclusion. [snip]

"We need to recommit ourselves to cutting the size of the federal government, including ending all earmarks, repealing Obamacare, preventing the judiciary from usurping responsibilities the Constitution clearly delegated to the legislature, confronting the pro-union agenda of the administration (and several Democratic governors) in order to streamline government. In short, it’s time we work with all those willing to reduce the power of the state and increase the freedom of the individual. And for that inclusive agenda, we must roll up our sleeves and work together. The future of our nation is at stake. - Gay Patriot blogger B. Daniel Blatt, announcing that homocons and anti-gay hate groups must work together if the radical left is to be defeated.

RELATED: Blatt has tweeted a link to the above post to his new BFF, Peter LaBarbera.

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