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Infighting Is Funny, Part 87

Wingnut gadfly and perennial failed GOP presidential candidate Alan Keyes is attacking Sarah Palin for endorsing GOProud's appearance at CPAC last week. According to Keyes, Palin just doesn't understand that "legitimizing homosexuality is a life-and-death issue." And will mean the end of America. Or something. From Keyes' column published today by World Net Daily:
Why, you rightly ask, would someone touted as the maverick spokesman for the pro-life, pro-family tea-party grass roots of the GOP be anxious to make it clear that she had no problem with the push to make GOProud an icon of conservative legitimacy? "Palin suggested that conservative groups had more important issues to worry about than which groups were attending the conference. 'There are so many life-changing, life-and-death issues out there in front of us. You know, we'd better be concentrating on what is really important here. …'"

Whatever the touts have made of her, the fruit of Palin's statement is clear. Someone influenced by it would logically reach the conclusion that the ongoing effort to legitimize homosexuality by redefining marriage is not a "life-changing, life-and-death issue." Is this true? I know few serious pro-family people who would dismiss the health consequences of homosexuality so easily. Be that as it may, however, Palin's words also imply that the homosexual lobby's effort by law to discard the Creator-endowed unalienable rights of the family has no implications for the life and death of America's Constitution and liberty.
Once again, we must thank GOProud for bringing on wingnut infighting.

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