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NEW YORK: How Outed Anti-Gay Senator Carl Kruger Spent All That Bribe Money

While recently outed anti-gay New York state Sen. Carl Kruger and his gynecologist boyfriend await trial on federal bribery and corruption charges, the New York Times examines what Kruger did with all that looted dough.
Federal corruption charges leveled against State Senator Carl Kruger this month described how he had helped provide luxuries to the two brothers with whom he lives in Brooklyn. The charges say Mr. Kruger, 61, a Democrat, used money from bribes for the mortgage of the waterfront mansion in Mill Basin where the three men live with the brothers’ 73-year-old mother. Then, the charges say, there is the Bentley driven by one of the brothers — bribe money paid for the lease. Also, according to the charges, bribe money went to their credit card bills as well as to mysterious “apparently personal payments.”
Mysterious "apparently personal payments"? Uh HUH. Wanna bet there's a rentboy or ten on the other end of THAT little detail?

RELATED: The loathsome Kruger was one of the eight traitorous Senate Democrats who voted against same-sex marriage in 2009, leading gay activists to denounce him as a self-hating closet case and picket outside of his home. The mainstream media took little notice at the time, something they surely now regret.

UPDATE: Here's the waterfront home paid for by Kruger's crimes. The Times describes the house as "cruise-ship-meets-mob-mansion." Its previous owner was a Luchese family mob boss who ordered a hit on the house's architect. Not pictured is Kruger's 49-foot yacht, Special Delivery.

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