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NOM Denounces Catholic Marriage Poll

Today NOM screams that the above "LGBT-funded poll falsely claims that most Catholics support same-sex marriage" and links to a story on
Who is driving the numbers behind the headline: “Catholic support same-sex marriage”? Catholics who are almost never in the pews. And yet, when it comes to the headlines, Catholics who can’t even trouble themselves to get to Mass with any sort of regularity are lumped in with faithful Catholics who actually try to follow the teachings of the Church. This disparity is revealing, however: it reveals the contradiction between being a faithful Catholic and signing on to the LGBT agenda to redefine marriage. After all, the Catholics who are most serious about the LGBT agenda are typically the Catholics who are the least serious about their faith. [snip]

First, this much-circulated poll was paid for by Arcus – who we know about – and the Evelyn and Walter Haas Jr. fund, which separately paid PRRI to “help develop religious education strategies supporting gay equality” in 2009. In the same year, the same Haas Jr. fund paid PRRI to survey Presbyterians on LGBT issues. In other words, PRRI provides polling to help gay-rights groups figure out how to better push their agenda among various faith communities. And yet, despite these multiple cash infusions from LGBT-groups like Arcus and its ilk, and despite the clear bent of this polling towards growing support for the LGBT agenda among faith groups, PRRI is still described as a “non-profit, nonpartisan, independent organization.” Really?

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