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PFOX: "Ex-Gay" Is An Orientation

As today's Day Of Silence occurs at the nation's schools, the self-hating homosexuals at PFOX are demanding recognition as a sexual orientation other than straight or gay.
"If you're going to worry about sexual orientation non-discrimination and pick a day every year to host it, shouldn't that include all sexual orientations, such as former homosexuals," the PFOX executive director questions. "Where are their rights?" So she is encouraging students to distribute her organization's literature in schools today so that the message of hope will reach a hurting community. "By providing resources and educating [students] about the ex-gay community, we are at the same time giving them options," Griggs notes. "But it is an option, and only they can make the decision." But while she does not think students should be denied any information that allows them to make decisions, she laments that that is "what's happening in America's schools."
Even though the members of PFOX were doubtlessly bullied and abused as gay teenagers, they want that same abuse to continue for today's children. What's the word for that?

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