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PFOX "Ex-Gays" To Hand Out Lying Propaganda On Day Of Silence

The "ex-gays" at PFOX are asking students, parents, and teachers to distribute their brochures during this week's Day Of Silence. Because since the pro-gay kids will be silent, they can't complain.
"We invite schools to distribute our ex-gay brochures year round," said Regina Griggs, PFOX's executive director, "but this Friday is especially important because it is considered a 'day of silence' by homosexual school clubs. This means that members of gay student clubs and their allies will purposely remain silent all day in school to protest intolerance against homosexuals and cross-dressers." "Because homosexual activists try to censor the ex-gay point of view, PFOX asks students to distribute ex-gay literature to their friends in support of equality for the ex-gay community," said Griggs. "The day of silence enables students to distribute ex-gay literature without harassment since opponents are obligated to remain silent that day."

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