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HomoQuotable - Chris Barron

"Herman Cain understands the real and present danger that the spread of radical Islam poses to our way of life. Herman Cain hasn’t been shy about speaking out about the need to confront and stop the spread of radical Islam – a barbaric ideology that brutalizes women, religious minorities and gays. For the gay left none of this will matter. All that matters is the group hug.

"For the gay left, it isn’t important whether the policies pursued by a candidate or a party actually improve the lives of gay people, all that matters is that they get the pat on the head – the assurance that they are ok. I don’t need the group hug, nor do I need affirmation from the government that I am ok. What I need is a President and a Congress that will pursue policies that will make life better for me and my family." - GOProud chairman Chris Barron, sticking by his man, even though he thinks Barron is a sinner bound for an eternity in a lake of fire.

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