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MINNEAPOLIS: Scumbag Wingnut Liar Andrew Breitbart Tries To Crash Netroots

King of the scumbags (and GOProud backer) Andrew Breitbart, who famously crashed the press conference of Anthony Weiner, was up to his old tricks this afternoon at Netroots Nation.
There will be no Weiner-style gatecrashing from Andrew Breitbart at the Netroots Nation conference here. That is, unless Breitbart wants to pony up $355 for a ticket. With the annual conservative Right Online conference just down the street from Netroots Nation, it was inevitable that some sort of shenanigan would occur in Minneapolis this week. And so it did, early Friday afternoon when Breitbart, camera crew in tow, showed up at Netroots unannounced and uncredentialed.

As he no doubt expected, the conservative blogger was immediately accosted by an angry progressive with a Flip cam when he stepped off the escalators at the Minneapolis Convention Center, where Netroots is being held. The attendee yelled in Breitbart's face, demanding he answer questions like "have you ever used cocaine?" and "why are you so fixated on gay magazines?" Breitbart yelled back at the guy, refusing to answer. Eventually Breitbart's security detail pulled him away and sent him toward the entrance to the conference. He was rebuffed by staffers, who denied him entry because he didn't have a credential.
Talking Points Memo reports that Breitbart left visibly "thrilled" by the incident.

UPDATE: Note how the wingnuts are already spinning this. You might recall escaped mental patient Jim Hoft (below) as the blogger who claimed the Obama administration was using a Jumbrotron to instruct the audience to applaud at the Tuscon shooting memorial.

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