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GOP Denounces Dan Savage

Following the release of an It Gets Better video made by (almost) the entire Massachusetts delegation to Congress, Sen. Scott Brown has come under fire for not participating. Today the National Republican Senatorial Committee issued this statement in response:
If, as the old saying goes, you’re known by the company you keep, than the voters of Massachusetts deserve to know who Democrat party operatives are teaming up with to spread outrageous attacks on Scott Brown’s character. It’s truly reached a new level of desperation in their efforts to tear down Scott Brown, but we look forward to hearing whether state and national Democrat leaders agree with Dan Savage’s long history of lewd, violent and anti-Christian rhetoric. Given their press conference call today, one has to presume at this point that they do.
Savage has noted numerous times that so far not one GOP elected official has been brave enough to make an It Gets Better video denouncing the bullying, beatings, and suicides of LGBT children. Not one. Savage: "No GOP elected [official] can back the seemingly radical notion that LGBT kids shouldn't kill themselves, that they should have hope for their futures."

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