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Liberty Counsel Publishes "Ex-Gay" Book About The Lisa Miller Kidnapping Case

Liberty Counsel attorney Rena Lindevaldsen has published a book about the Lisa Miller, the born-again "ex-gay" lesbian mom who kidnapped her own daughter rather than comply with multiple court orders to share custody with her former partner. The FBI has investigated the Liberty Counsel's role in the kidnapping as Miller and her daughter were found to be living in Central America in a house owned by the father of a Liberty Counsel employee. (That little detail probably isn't mentioned in the book.) Here's the blurb from Amazon:
Written from the vantage point of Lisa Miller's seven-year custody battle for her biological child against her former same-sex partner, Only One Mommy offers a first-hand account of how people are lured into believing that they are born "gay" and cannot change. As a result of that belief, they make life choices that have devastating consequences for our children, families, and freedoms. This book offers truth to those struggling with homosexuality, encourages churches to minister to those caught in the lifestyle, and stirs freedom-loving Americans to get involved in the culture war that is raging all around them. "Rena Lindevaldsen is a leading legal expert in the battle to defend traditional family and marriage. Written from the front lines of the cultural battle, Only One Mommy offers a rare glimpse into a woman's personal struggle with same-sex attractions and the seven-year legal struggle to keep custody of her biological daughter.
Please feel free to visit Amazon and post your own review of the book.

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