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Matt Barber: Help! I'm Being Oppressed!

"I’ve said this before and I’ll say it right now. The sexual anarchist lobby, this radical, militant lobby, wants three things in this order: they want to see those of us who hold traditional values and have a biblical view of sexual behavior and sexual morality; they want to see us behind bars. Absent that, if that doesn’t work, they want to see us discredited, our licenses, my law licenses revoked, unable to teach in schools and so forth. They want us completely discredited and marginalized to the fringes of society. Finally and included in that is the inability, they want to see people like us not able to make a living. And that’s why they’re going after these organizations and they’re using economic terrorism, for lack of a better phrase." - Liberty Counsel spokesbigot Matt Barber.

Again, and just so we're all boycotts are "economic terrorism." Stop that terrorizing, you dirty homo terrorist! Stop it right now!

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