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Email Of The Day - Eugene Delguadio

This week's email from local elected suburban Virginia official Eugene Delguadio is another ten-page morass of outrageous lies. Of course! But at least this week no radical homofascists broke into Eugene's house and hit him on the head with rocks. This time Eugene turns his attention to a pending federal anti-bullying bill. A bill which, if passed, would totally make it legal for gay students to sexually assault their classmates. So sez Eugene, who can be reached at (703) 421-4599. RELATED: In addition to his Loudoun County supervisor's salary of $40,000, records show that Delguadio plays himself $150,000 annually from donations made to Public Advocate of the United States, the anti-gay hate group he founded and runs. This guy is making a fucking fortune with his lies. How do we stop him?

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