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Congressman Ruben Diaz?

Capitol Confidential tips us that asshat bigoted New York state Senator "Reverend" Ruben Diaz is thinking about running for Congress and is pissed off that the state hasn't settled its redistricting disputes. From a Diaz press release:
They seem to be playing games about where New York’s Congressional lines should be drawn. When those lines are finally drawn, the opportunity will be open for many people to consider running for Congress. I wish they would hurry up and appoint a federal judge to draw New York’s Congressional lines because as soon as they do, many people like myself will make up their mind to run for Congress or not. According to the census, the Bronx has gained population and I as well as many others are on the waiting list to decide what our options are. A new congressional seat in the Bronx will give many of us an opportunity to consider moving up.
Diaz' state senate district is fairly contiguous with the congressional district currently held by Rep. Joseph Crowley, a second-term Democrat who voted to repeal DADT and who twice voted against a federal marriage amendment. Crowley is a House cosponsor of the bill to repeal DOMA and the Uniting American Families Act, which seeks to end the deportation of foreign gay spouses.

Diaz better hope for that new district, because the New York Democratic machine is probably not about to let him take on Crowley. In any case, this blog will motherfucking DEVOTE itself to helping any opponent of Ruben Diaz from ANY party.

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