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Truth Wins Out Sues "Ex-Gays"

As was threatened last month, Truth Wins Out has filed a defamation suit against the "ex-gay" group PFOX after its leader claimed on television that TWO leader Wayne Besen had tried to have him murdered.
“We will not let PFOX’s outright lies and bizarre fabrications go unanswered,” said TWO Executive Director Wayne Besen. “Greg Quinlan’s false allegations were deviously designed to damage my reputation and that of Truth Wins Out. We look forward to vigorously challenging Quinlan’s delusional version of events and debunking them in a court of law.”
Quinlan is also the head of the New Jersey Family Policy Council and has cheered Chris Christie's marriage veto in numerous media interviews. When Besen first mentioned the possibility of a lawsuit, Quinlan responded, "Bring it on, little man." Oh, it's broughten.

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