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Gary Bauer On Kirk Cameron

"The left went nuts. Homosexual rights groups blasted Cameron's alleged bigotry and intolerance. Liberal Hollywood types rushed to Tweet their condemnation of Cameron's values and to reaffirm their fidelity to the gay marriage cause. Not long ago, virtually no one would have argued with Cameron's comments. But the cultural left is determined to impose its values on the rest of society. It began by purging faith from the public square and forcing it into the closet. Then abortion was forced on every state in the country. Now marriage is being redefined. The secularists want an America where traditional values cannot be spoken. As the Democrat Party embraced the radical left, more and more values voters found a home in the Republican Party. They expect the GOP to unapologetically defend their cherished values. Increasingly, however, it seems only one party is committed to fighting and winning the culture war." - Former presidential candidate Gary Bauer, via Right Wing Watch.

RELATED: In the 80's Bauer was Reagan's Chief Domestic Policy Adviser. Then he was the president of the Family Research Council from 1988 to 1999 during the period shortly after it spun off from Focus On The Family, where he was vice president. Today he is the president of the anti-gay hate group, American Values. In 2010 he was one of the first prominent signers of the Manhattan Declaration, which calls on Christians to disobey laws that protect LGBT Americans from discrimination.

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