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Anti-Gay NY Senator Ruben Diaz Endorses Birther For Dominican Presidency

New York state Sen. Ruben Diaz, who has twice led massive anti-gay hate rallies through New York City, sat and roared with laughter as a Dominican presidential candidate Hipolito Mejia declared that President Obama was born in Africa. Diaz has endorsed Mejia because he has vowed to thwart LGBT rights in the Dominican Republic.

Andres Duque has more at Blabbeando:
According to Diario Libre, Mejia said that his campaign was battling "Satanic elements" and argued that while the economic situation of the Caribbean island was dire, the greatest challenge it faced was a "moral crisis". As attendants shouted "Llegó papá"*, Mejia stated that as president he would never allow gays to marry or weaken the island's strict anti-abortion laws. This led, according to Primicias, to an endorsement by Diaz who championed Mejia's commitment to oppose marriage equality in the Dominican Republic and throughout the world (never mind that the Dominican constitution already bans recognition of marriages other than those between a man and a woman). "We cannot walk around with warm diapers since Hipólito is the only one who has respected and maintained a well-defined and clear Christian mission and a platform that guarantees respect of Biblical and moral values that are part of our doctrine," said Diaz.
The Dominican legislature has issued a formal written apology to President Obama. In the clip below, Diaz is seated to Mejia's right.

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