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Brent Bozell Vs Dan Savage

Brent "Obama Is A Skinny Ghetto Crackhead" Bozell and his Media Research Center have come out blasting against Dan Savage's new MTV show.
We are a long distance away from a “health” lecture, but that’s exactly the category our media culture awards to the “sex advice columnist.” Savage publicists tout he has the number one “health podcast” at iTunes. Savage is not discussing “health.” He’s selling hedonism. At one point in the MTV show, Savage lectures a couple having “unprotected” sex that “Pregnancy is the ultimate sexually transmitted infection.” A child is a disease? How sick is that? He tells the female: “You can get birth control that’ll knock your eggs out for a year. You should. You must! Oh my God!” [snip] In addition to Norelco and Axe, this smut was also brought to you by Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, Clearasil, Sobe Life Water, AT&T,, Western Sky Financial, the makers of Xenadrine and Allegra, and naturally, the newest smutcom sequel in the “American Pie” series. They should all be so proud to be associated with this “educational” project. I wonder if the CEOs talk about this proudly at night in front of their infections – I mean, children.
Stand by for a similar screech from One Million Moms.

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