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DADT Repeal Impact: NONE

From a story in North Carolina's Fayetteville Observer:
After several months, the impact, according to the military, was summed up by Pentagon spokesman Capt. John Kirby: "Impact?" he said. "Negligible, if that." Across the military, retention is high. Recruitment is at 100 percent of goals. Military officials say they're unaware of any discipline issues relating to gays serving openly. Among the staunchest critics of repealing the law is Elaine Donnelly, the president of the Center for Military Readiness, a private advocacy group in Michigan. She said studies the military quoted were biased, primarily out of a fear that a politically correct Congress would slash military funding if the Pentagon stood up in opposition to the repeal. "It's more than a bias - it's a mandate" that studies must support the repeal, she said. She said it is too soon to see any effects, and that a bad economy had masked what would be seen in coming years as problems with retention and recruiting.
Poor Elaine Donnelly. She's gotta find a new gig.

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