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Email Of The Day - Mark Neumann

"My Democrat opponent, Tammy Baldwin, just announced a staggering two MILLION dollar quarter here in Wisconsin for her Senate campaign. But that money isn't just coming from Wisconsin. It's coming from radical Left Wing groups across America. We Republicans are already fighting the national left here in Wisconsin. But now we've got every liberal group looking to promote the far left agenda that's destroying our nation sending big money to support Tammy Baldwin.

"If conservatives sit on the sidelines, these liberals will buy this election and have one more seat in the Senate. We can't let that happen. This campaign is too important. I need your help to stop Tammy Baldwin and her liberal allies from buying this Senate seat." - Former GOP Rep. Mark Neumann, who pointedly does not mention that Baldwin is a member of Congress.

RELATED: Neumann has stated that he would eradicate homosexuality if he were God. He's also declared that he would never allow a gay person to be employed by his office.

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