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Brian Brown Changes The Story

After yesterday's JMG post ticking off the many, many lies in NOM's accounting of the "elderly woman" who was "violently beaten" for "refusing to take down her yard sign," today NOM's Brian Brown posted a less lie-filled version of the story that more closely hews to the one I reported here two days ago.
According to the police report, this elderly lady went to a home looking for her sister. She told police that a man who lived there told her they needed to "talk about this marriage amendment." She said she didn't want to speak about it, but as she tried to back out, this man stuck his head in the window and would not let her leave. Her glasses got knocked off somehow. When she tried to retrieve them, he started banging the car door against her four or five times, cussing at her very angrily because she supported the marriage amendment. The police officer noted what looked like bruises on her back and that she was very upset and crying.
Brown fails to correct the bit in the report that claimed the man had been charged with aggravated assault and kidnapping. In fact, he was given a simple desk ticket to report on the misdemeanor charge of "simple battery on an adult female." An adult female, by the way, who is 57 years old, which is only "elderly" if you're living in the 18th century. Hello. NOM published the name of the man charged in the case, but redacted the woman's name, which was published yesterday in a local newspaper account of the incident. She's since deleted her Facebook page, but last night I pulled this photo of her in which she appears so be playing soccer with a young boy. I guess she didn't need her walker that day.

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