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Quote Of The Day - Dave Daubenmire

"The sodomites are the real bullies. They want to force us to accept their abominal behavior as if it were normal. If you refuse to 'tolerate' such deviancy they shower you with love-speech. My wife and I received so many vulgar phone messages that our recorder could not handle them all. My email inbox is over-flowing. I want the deviants to know that I read every one…listened to every vile phone call. You wouldn’t believe the embedded photos we received. They are despicable people. They encouraged me to fight harder. The pigs are squealing. Enjoy what you are about to read from the tolerant, non-judgmental, diversity queens." - Dave Daubenmire, crying like a titty-baby because he got ugly messages after I posted about him last week. And of course he eagerly devoured all that heterosexual sodomy porn you sent him!

RELATED: You should totally go listen to the voice mails that Daubenmire has posted. I was cracking up. Somebody should totally do a remix and post it to YouTube.

ALSO RELATED: The good Christian Daubenmire closes his outraged entry with this old wackadoodle lie.
Yes, I hate sodomy. I hate what it does to young men. I hate the guilt it lays on parents. I hate the way it destroys families. I hate the fact that children are taught that they were “born that way.” I hate the sickness and death it engenders. I hate that it kills…the average male homosexual lives only until the age of 41. I hate that they call homosexual behavior a “lifestyle” when it is clearly a death style.
In case you're somehow unaware, that "age of 41" was invented by averaging the ages of gay men listed in the AIDS obituaries of a San Francisco newspaper back in the 1980s. That's like saying: "Children who die of chicken pox die at an average age of five. Therefore all children have a life expectancy of five years."

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