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CALIFORNIA: "Ex-Gay" Group Denounces Bill To Ban Torturing Gay Children

The self-hating homosexuals behind "Journey Into Manhood" have issued a press release denouncing California's pending bill to ban "reparative therapy" for minors.
"SB1172 is blatant discrimination," said Rich Wyler, founder and director of People Can Change. "It allows and even encourages gay-affirming therapies for minors while banning 'straight-affirming' alternatives. It disregards the client's right to self-determination, and tells him that if he is questioning his sexuality, only a gay identity is politically correct. That is as unconscionable as allowing a pregnant minor to receive abortion counseling but banning counseling that offers adoption or single parenting as possible alternatives."
You might recall that "Journey Into Manhood" is one of those homo-erotic weekend getaways where attendees bro-hug the gay out of each other. All night long!
As a "journeyer," you will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of group and individual exercises - including journaling, visualization, group sharing, safe healing touch and intensive emotional-release work - all in a very supportive yet challenging environment. Journey Into Manhood is an experiential-learning weekend. We limit the use of classroom-style lectures. Instead, we create opportunities for you to experience healing, not just learn about it. One simple example: You won't just talk about what it is like to look another man in the eyes - you'll stand eye to eye with another man while we help you process whatever feelings might arise.

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