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Dan Savage And It Gets Better Team To Produce Film On Openly LGBT Politicians

Denis Dison has the details at the Victory Fund's Gay Politics blog:
Dan Savage and the producing team behind the “It Gets Better” documentary specials for MTV and Logo have announced a new project that will examine openly LGBT political candidates and how they prepare to run for office. Filmmakers have been granted unprecedented access to the LGBT Candidate and Campaign Training offered by the Gay & Lesbian Victory Institute. “This is uncharted territory,” said Savage. ”We’re seeing progress on LGBT issues, but in order to effect real change, representation in government is essential. Aspiring LGBT candidates face a unique set of hurdles on the way to political office. The goal of this project is to follow a number of LGBT political candidates, and highlight Victory’s groundbreaking approach to helping them win.”
GOProud's Jimmy LaSalvia has his frosted bangs in a tizzy over this.
"How can the Victory Fund claim to work to elect openly gay Republicans while at the same time partnering with a man who called gay Republicans ‘house faggots’ and compared us to meth addicts? What kind of message does this partnership send to the openly LGBT Republican candidates across the country? What kind of message does it send to Republicans in general about the type of organization that the Victory Fund actually is? If the Victory Fund truly is committed to a bipartisan mission, than they should immediate end any relationship with Dan Savage."
As I've pointed out before, it's apparently super-OK for GOProud to use "faggot" whenever it suits their purpose. Chris Barron is having a full meltdown on Twitter.

NOTE: The above image of Savage is from a photo essay created by LaRae Lobdell, who also quizzes Savage on several amusing topics.

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