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Quote Of The Day - Jim Robinson

"A man who can justify and rationalize in his own mind the wholesale slaughter of innocent human life can justify any kind of evil whatsoever. And he has. He's justified homosexual marriage, homosexuals in the Boy Scouts, homosexuals in the military. That homosexual couples should be able to adopt children. He's justified that guns are dangerous and should be banned. That free citizens should be forced by the government to purchase insurance contracts against their will or face stiff penalties or taxes. That mandated forced socialized healthcare is a good thing. That abortion should be safe and legal in America. [snip] My friends he has justified and personally enacted just about the entire liberal/progressive, abortionist/homosexualist, statist/socialist, big government anti-liberty agenda. And they have the gonads to ask me for MY vote?" - Free Republic founder Jim Robinson, writing from his Medicare-supplied wheelchair.

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