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Liberty Counsel: Help Us Send A How-To Guide On Proselytizing At Public Schools

The Liberty Counsel is sending the "Patriot's Handbook of Religious Freedom in Public Schools" to every public school in the nation so that students understand that they have the right to inflict Christianity on classmates whether they like it or not. Presumably, the Patriot's Handbook will include a lesson on kidnapping.
The vast majority of these Handbooks have already been delivered to principals, vice principals, assistant principals, or other senior administrators, and the few remaining schools will receive this powerful resource within the next few days. This booklet clarifies the rights of students to pray, form Bible clubs, and engage in religious expression in public schools, including holiday celebrations and the rights of teachers, parents, and guardians. The public school is not a faith-free zone. Students need not leave their spiritual beliefs on the schoolhouse steps. Liberty Counsel is here to educate and, if need be, litigate to defend their First Amendment rights. Please pray for our public school administrators, teachers, and students.
RELATED: Earlier this week the AFA's One Million Moms announced that they too will be deluging public school students with Christianist dogma via a comic book version of the bible that includes non-biblical chapters on homosexuality, witchcraft, and sorcery.

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