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Loesch: Gays Are At War With Religion

"It's easy to brush aside this incident as one act of a crazy man until you consider the past two weeks. The Family Research Council is affiliated with Chick-Fil-A. Chick-Fil-A came under fire due to the free speech of CEO Dan Cathy by militant anti-Christian and anti-free speech activists. They further attacked Chick-Fil-A, accusing them of supporting Ugandan gay-killing via a [U.S. House] resolution they claimed the FRC had lobbied to kill.

"The FRC lobbied to change the language of the resolution, they did not oppose the resolution. Anti-Christian activists, under the guise of gay rights, ignored the truth and concocted a smear claiming that FRC lobbied to support the death of gays in Uganda. (It's ironic, considering the majority of these same anti-Christian activists voted for the administration who endorsed a group, the Muslim Brotherhood, which does rule that gays are to be killed via capital punishment simply for being gay.)" - CNN contributor, anti-gay activist, and GOProud supporter Dana Loesch, writing for Breitbart.

FACT CHECK: The FRC lobbied to change the language of the Uganda resolution because (according to them) denouncing the executions of homosexuals constituted "pro-homosexual promotion" because of a clause associating "human rights" with "gay rights." Those are the FRC's exact words, which are available for public viewing on their federally-filed lobbying disclosure form. They didn't have to explicitly oppose the bill because they knew that their objection to its wording would be enough to kill it thanks to FRC-friendly GOP House members who then voted to "refer it back to committee," where it has languished for the past two years. However you want to spin it, the actions of FRC lobbyists did indisputably prevent the House from condemning Uganda's still-pending "kill the gays" bill.

VERY FUCKING RELATED: You may also want to check out this now-deleted message from FRC president Tony Perkins in which he denounces President Obama for opposing Uganda's bill. At the link you'll note that Perkins lies to his radio audience and says that the bill would only legalize the executions of gay men found guilty of "intentionally spreading HIV/AIDS." Which would be totally OK with the Family Research Council. (Thank you, Wayback Machine.)

Read U.S House Resolution 1064.

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