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Slave To The Schism

Gotham's tabloid readers are getting a look at the straight S&M scene via a New York Post accounting of a female slave who has been busted for stalking her former master after a tumultuous breakup.
Unlike the bondage novice in the hit book “Fifty Shades of Grey,’’ the longtime fetish slave of a Manhattan investment banker yesterday told The Post that she went into her own sex-slave role with her eyes wide open. “I like leather and latex,” said Frankie Santiago, 27, who eagerly did the kinky bidding of bondage-loving beau Edward Sonderling before the pair’s relationship imploded. The petite, pretty Santiago spoke at her family’s Bergenfield, NJ, home a day after she was arraigned on charges of stalking, criminal mischief and harassment after a bitter breakup with Sonderling. While she was reluctant to talk about her own passion for the kinky lifestyle, Santiago had no problem effusing about the man she fell in love with in sex dungeons and orgy-fueled parties. “He had this reputation before he dated me — his reputation preceded me,’’ she said. “So when he started coming on to me and pursuing me, I was really flattered."

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