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The Hypocrisy Of Michelle Malkin

As I've mentioned here recently, Michelle Malkin's recently-launched Twitter round-up site Twitchy pretty much exists solely (so far) to cherry-pick "hateful" tweets from "evil libtards" as examples of how intolerant the "tolerant Left" really is. The vast majority of posted tweets are from complete nobodies with few followers, yet somehow out of Twitter's 600 million users those tweets totally characterize the political thinking of progressives.

Yesterday's news about Paul Ryan yielded numerous Twitchy round-ups of "anti-Ryan leftist vitriol." Examples here, here, and here. Twitchy's commenters then pile on with completely self-unaware nastiness that usually outdoes the posted tweets by several light years.

But two can play at that stupid game. Below are several examples from yesterday which reflect exactly how all Republicans think. Right, Michelle?

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