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Anti-Gay Whackjob Paul Cameron Repeats "Gays Are Inherently Diseased" Claim

"If you look across the data sets you see that homosexuals have a host of mental problems, disproportionate physical problems, they don't live as long, and they are disproportionately involved in drug abuse and criminality. That would seem to indicate that that is a lifestyle that may reasonably be considered mentally disturbed – [a] disorder. Yet, it isn't. It is surprising that such a wildly defective study, and one that actually proved the exact opposite of what it claimed to have proved has survived so long." - Discredited psychologist Paul Cameron, speaking to the Christian Post.

Cameron is referring to a 1957 study that was cited when the American Psychiatric Association removed homosexuality from its list of mental disorders in 1973. Cameron's claim that gay men only live to age 42 is still frequently quoted by anti-gay hate groups, even though he came up with that figure by averaging the ages of men he found in AIDS obituaries in the 1980s. Which is like saying that the average child with a brain tumor dies at age eight, therefore all children have a life expectancy of eight years. Earlier this year Cameron called for imprisoning gay people in a statement that also accused President Obama of being secretly gay himself.

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