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Now Appearing In Swing State Papers

The above full-page repulsive ad from the Government Is Not God PAC has been appearing in newspapers in Florida and Ohio. The Herald-Tribune in Sarasota, Florida ran the ad but then published an apology:
The Sunday, September 23rd edition of the Herald-Tribune contained an opposing political advertisement against President Obama. After reviewing our political advertising policy we have concluded that the advertisement did not meet the Herald-Tribune standards for fairness and accuracy and we apologize to our readers for the advertisement appearing in the newspaper.
The group's leader is furious:
Virtually every lying radical rag that calls itself a news outlet in the United States has begun attacks on Government Is Not God- PAC, including Huffpost. The attacks are more because of the name of the PAC than anything else. Liberals want government to be God. GING-PAC's name says what all conservatives believe: Government Is Not God! The very name of the PAC infuriates liberals.
Not incidentally, the above-quoted GING-PAC leader is William J. Murray, the born-again son of famed atheist Madalyn Murray.

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