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HomoconQuotable - Chris Barron

"The Liberty movement is growing every day, and I firmly believe that libertarianism is the greatest single hope for America’s future.  While libertarians will not get the chance to elect a libertarian president in 2012, we can begin to right the ship by electing the candidate who most closely represents our values and our vision of government. The work of transforming America and putting libertarian ideals to work will be a long and hard fight, but one well worth it. A few years ago, not many outside of Washington think tanks knew what libertarianism even was. Now, thanks to the campaigns of people like Ron Paul, we have taken a big step in educating voters and winning converts to our cause. Let’s take another step now by electing Mitt Romney, and ending Barack Obama’s big government reign of terror." - GOProud co-founder Chris Barron, writing for Glenn Beck's The Blaze.

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