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Pam Geller Has A New Subway Ad

Crackpot Pam Geller has announced that she has submitted the above image to Washington DC's mass transit agency.
Many will say that Deuteronomy and other Biblical books have violent passages as well. However, nowhere do the Jewish or Christian Scriptures tell all believers in general to wage war against unbelievers as such. Only the Qur'an contains such passages. Also, Islam, unlike Judaism and Christianity, has never gone through a period of reformation and enlightenment either involving or resulting in any thoroughgoing reevaluation of the literal sense of its sacred texts. This is why you do not see Jews or Christians slaughtering unbelievers and justifying their actions by quoting their Scriptures, while Muslims around the world do this with depressing frequency.
Geller has won every previous court battle to place her messages on the subways of New York City and San Francisco. We'll have to see if Washington DC will go for images of the burning World Trade Center, much less the incendiary text.

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