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Eating Their Own: Pastor Ken Hutcherson Repeats Charge That NOM Is Racist

"I said to [NOM], 'You think I’m controversial because I don’t look white. I don’t talk white. I don’t act white. And I am not that milquetoast-looking kind of guy that’s is going to be calm about everything. I’ve got a passion on what’s right. I’ve got a passion, and I will stand on what I think biblical principles are. If that’s controversial, then we’ve got a problem, and we’ll never win another election on anything." - Pastor Ken Hutcherson, appearing on Michelangelo Signorile's radio show to repeat his claim that NOM cut him out of Washington's marriage battle because he's black.  

RELATED:  Hutcherson says God hates effeminate men. Hutcherson says that if you are gay, God will murder you. Hutcherson says that the only reason he played football was so he could hurt white people legally. Hutcherson says gay people are going to marry horses. Hutcherson says gay men are going to marry little boys. Hutcherson says the governor of Washington is like Lincoln's killer because she signed the marriage bill. Hutcherson says Christians are so oppressed, they are "the new Negroes."

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