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Christian Group Warns UPS: Watch Out Or You'll Be Shot Like That FRC Guard

The Corporate Morality Center today issued a dire warning to UPS over their new funding decision regarding the Boy Scouts.
Attacking organizations which support traditional sexual views may have unintended and possibly life-threatening consequences. For example, a day after the Human Rights Campaign repeated the charge that the Family Research Council was a "hate group," an employee of another LGBT organization walked in to the headquarters of the Family Research Council, armed with 50 rounds of ammunition and a bagful of Chick-fil-A sandwiches, and began shooting the "haters" who worked there. According to Thomas Strobhar, President of the Corporate Morality Action Center, "UPS should be careful whom they support with money that belongs to all the shareholders. The Boys Scouts are a national treasure with legitimate interests regarding the safety of the scouts, while the Human Rights Campaign has contributed greatly to a lack of civility in public discourse."
Strobhar is also the head of the Catholic Life Decisions International, which lobbies companies to defund Planned Parenthood.

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