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Freepers React To Marriage Wins

You knew I couldn't resist this, right? From just one of many threads on Free Republic:

-"Get ready for God’s wrath. The people are chosing Satan’s finest, and God’s going to give them what they voted for."

-"God’s wrath is already here. Obama is our punishment.  America in the next four years is going to be destroyed."

-"This is worse than Obama winning. Our country embraces evil."

-"The battle of Gog and Magog is near. Ezekiel chapters 37-39 covers all this."

-"Disgusting!  What’s next, now are we discriminating against polygamists, pedophiles, beastialitites, or people that just want to assign their stuff to each other to avoid taxation and get a grab on benefits that were reserved for children of what used to be called normal families?  SICK SICK SICK!!!  What a filthy night this election is."

-"It seems like overnight, we fell off the knife edge, on the communist side, and now every strand of moral fabric in this country is falling apart!"

-"Expect a gargantuan push to counterfeit marriage in Minnesota now, either through an eventual Demonicrat legislature, or from a dictatorial court."

Ah, satisfying.

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