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One Million Moms Claim Victory

As we well know, the One Million Moms pretty much hate everything.  Therefore they'll claim victory whenever any show is canceled due to low ratings and shitty reviews. Via press  release:
Dear Joe, Hope everyone had a blessed Thanksgiving! One more thing to be thankful for: "666 Park Avenue" has been canceled after only 7 episodes! ABC announced that "666 Park Avenue" will not be coming back for a second season. This is a HUGE Victory! The ABC series "666 Park Avenue," which is known for its controversial title and satanic content, will not be renewed. Glory to God! The network will air all 13 episodes, but the demonic series will not return next season. Praise the Lord! God is using One Million Moms to help remove this filth from television. As the hands and feet for the Lord, we are making a real difference. These accomplishments are the result of the Lord's blessing on the prayers, action alerts, email letters, and gifts from concerned and generous supporters. Would you help us continue these important efforts? - Monica Cole, director, One Million Moms.

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