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Ruben Diaz: I Won't Leave The Democrats

"Everyone knows that I have always been a Democrat, I am a Democrat, and I will be a Democrat. The only difference is that I am a conservative Democrat. I am a pro-life Democrat, meaning that I am against abortions. I am a traditional marriage Democrat, meaning that I am against gay marriage, and that I believe marriage should be between a man and a woman as God created. That said, you have to understand and I want to make it very clear that if four years ago, when my mission was to stop gay marriage and I did not jump ship and abandon my Democratic Conference, why should I abandon my Conference now that gay marriage has become law in the State – thanks to Dean Skelos and the Republican Party?" - Crackpot NY Sen. Ruben Diaz, apparently responding to suggestions that he follow Sen. Simcha Felder across the aisle.

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