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Teabagger War Criminal Allen West LOSES

Tea Party freshman Rep. Allen West, the war criminal who famously claimed that there are 80 communists posing as Democrats in the U.S. House, won't have to sit with those pinkos any more.
Rep. Allen West (Fla.) lost to Democrat Patrick Murphy in one of the closest, nastiest races in the nation, according to MSNBC election projections. Despite out-raising Murphy nearly 5-to-1 and launching biting attacks on the Democrat, West fell short by just over 1,000 votes, with 97 percent of Florida's 18th District reporting, according to MSNBC. West, a Tea Party favorite, had not conceded, and it was unclear whether he would request a recount.
You know West won't be able to resist the drama and martyrdom of a recount demand.

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