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Billboard Of The Day

The above message from wingnut Atlas Shrugs blogger Pam Geller goes up on fifty New York City subway billboards next week. Note the disclaimer added by the MTA.
Pamela Geller is at it again. The outspoken blogger and Executive Director of the American Freedom Defense Initiative has just purchased a slew of advertising space in several subway stations and on numerous Metro-North platforms in order to display her newest anti-Islam message. Her latest ads, shared exclusively with The Observer, will feature a panorama of the sky the moment the World Trade Center burst into flames in 2001, accompanied by a quote from the Quran that reads “Soon shall We cast terror into the hearts of the Unbelievers.” “I refuse to abridge my free speech so as to appease savages,” Ms. Geller told The Observer. “Thousands of anti-Israel ads have run across the city and not one has been defaced. My ads, 10 went up in New York City, and they were destroyed in hours. You don’t agree with me, fine, run an ad. I have no problem with other people’s ideas.”
Geller's previous MTA campaign resulted in the arrest of Egyptian-American journalist Mona Eltahawy after she was filmed spray-painting over one of the billboards. All of the billboards in that campaign were defaced within 24 hours.

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