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Politifact: NOM's Pants Are On Fire

Remember NOM's typically lie-filled claims about marriage in their full-page Rhode Island newspaper ad? Politifact took a look at those claims and gave NOM their worst rating: Pants On Fire. That's no surprise to most of us here, but enjoy:
The National Organization for Marriage-Rhode Island said in a newspaper advertisement that "religious groups like Knights of Columbus have been forced to allow same-sex marriage ceremonies in their facilities, against their beliefs." But the Knights of Columbus incident cited as proof by Plante, NOM’s regional coordinator, was from Canada and did not support its claim. Neither did the second example it cited. Nor the third. NOM made a strongly worded claim on the eve of a key vote that was meant to influence voters -- and their legislators. We can’t predict what could happen under same-sex marriage laws in the future. But we can rule on claims that are so far from the truth. The judges rule Pants on Fire.
Read the full report. (Tipped by JMG reader Wayne)

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