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Today's Gay Etiquette Question

From Steven Petrow's Civil Behavior column in the New York Times:
Dear Civil Behavior: As the only male grandchild among four — as well as the only gay one — I have watched with chagrin as several generations’ worth of formal dinnerware, silverware and other domestic heirlooms were passed down to my sister and female cousins. Some of these are valuable, some not. But they all hold just as much meaning for me as for the women in my family. I celebrated the same holidays with these heirlooms as they did, and I attach my own memories of my grandmothers to them. I feel churlish speaking up about it, but it seems unfair that the lion’s share of these keepsakes should pass to the distaff (hetero) side. (Besides, my sister and cousins all used their wedding registries to order their own beautiful new china and silver – another tradition denied to me.) Am I being oversensitive to the gendering of heirlooms and just let it pass? Or should I elbow my way in and say, “this queen deserves her Limoges too”? —"A California Fresh Heir”
Give us your answer then hit the link for Petrow's response.

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