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Bill Donohue Vs Dan Savage

"Unable to mount a rational critique of Pope Benedict XVI, he [Dan Savage] settled for writing a headline that was almost as long as his 'story.' It reads, 'That Motherf***ing Power-Hungry, Self-Aggrandized Bigot In the Stupid F***ing Hat Announces His Retirement.' Savage has a long history of trashing Catholicism, and he not only does it with impunity, he is rewarded for it. To wit: In 2011, he was invited to a White House reception for homosexuals. He said he arrived with his husband (would that make him the guy’s wife?). Savage gets away with his vile rants against Catholicism because he knows he can. Let’s face it, most of the mainstream media are as pro-gay as they are anti-Catholic. It really isn’t any more complicated than this." - Catholic League blowhard Bill Donohue.

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