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Grand Jury To Investigate Delgaudio

Prosecutors in Loudoun County, Virginia have begun impaneling a grand jury to investigate hate group leader Eugene Delgaudio, who is accused of using a county employee to raise money for his anti-gay causes. Via Washington Post:
Donna Mateer, one of Delgaudio’s former county aides, said in a Washington Post article last year that she was told to spend most of her work time in early 2012 scheduling fundraising meetings for Delgaudio. Mateer, who was fired by Delgaudio shortly after she filed a complaint with the county Human Resources Department last year, collected extensive records from Delgaudio’s office, which included fundraising spreadsheets and e-mail correspondence related to her allegations. Delgaudio has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing. He has acknowledged that his aides were told to set up fundraising meetings but maintains that they were intended solely to benefit a local youth football league, not his political campaign. Loudoun policy prohibits using county time or county resources for political activities.
Degaudio remains a Loudoun County Supervisor, but he has been stripped of all his committee assignments.

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