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NOM Claims "Momentum" For Its Hate March On The Supreme Court

NOM is claiming that its hate march on the Supreme Court is "generating excitement and enthusiasm."  That's what they're telling Catholic News Agency.
Neither the schedule nor the official route of the upcoming March for Marriage has been made public, but information will be added to the march website,, as it becomes available.vDespite the limited amount of information released thus far, Peters said that reactions have “been very positive” and enthusiastic. “We actually just have a lot of people calling the office saying, ‘What can I do to help?’” he explained. Peters added that the march will aim to create a “very broad, diverse coalition” in defense of marriage. So far, the event is receiving strong support from, a non-profit group that works to educate and mobilize the faithful in adherence with Church teaching, as well as signatories of the Manhattan Declaration, a statement by Orthodox, Catholic and Protestant Christians pledging support for “the sanctity of life, traditional marriage, and religious liberty.”
The above-linked article fails to mention that Thomas Peters is an employee of CatholicVote.  NOM's march takes place on the first day of Supreme Court oral arguments on Proposition 8.

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