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Harry Jackson Files Prop 8 Brief

"Bishop" Harry Jackson has filed a Supreme Court brief against the overturn of Proposition 8. Jackson is being represented by Brian Brown's ActRight Legal Foundation, which is headed by Tea Party lawyer Cleta Mitchell, who in 2011 argued NOM's battle to evade financial disclosure in Minnesota. You may recall that Mitchell told Minnesota's election board that rabid homofascists will physically attack innocent Christians should their anti-gay donations be made public.   Jackson's SCOTUS brief mostly treads his tired "don't compare your sin to my skin" tropes.
PREVIOUSLY ON JMG: Harry Jackson speaks in tongues against gay perversion.  Harry Jackson puts a gay newspaper out of business by the power of his prayers. Harry Jackson blames the bad economy on lack of love for Jesus.  Harry Jackson says God has been against gay marriage since the creation of the universe.  Click on his name in the labels for much much more crazy.

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