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Pam Geller Copies Atheism Ad

The top billboard went up recently on San Diego's bus system. Wingnut Atlas Shrugs blogger Pam Geller, who has posted inflammatory anti-Islam ads on the NYC subway and elsewhere, wants to post her own version of the ad on the bus system in Detroit, which has a substantial Muslim population.  But her ad has been rejected by CBS Outdoors.
“The proposed advertisement submitted by Pamela Geller has been reviewed under [Detroit bus system] SMART’s content policy. SMART, consistent with its review process, also reviewed the referred-to website:,” read [Howard] Marcus’ e-mail. “Consistent with its policy, with the Sixth Circuit opinion in AFDI v SMART, and consistent with other law, SMART declines to post the advertisement.”
According to comments at Friendly Atheist, the San Diego group is considering legal action against Geller for copying their ad.

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