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Schlafly Slams Pro-Marriage Republicans

Eagle Forum crone Phyllis Schlafly is slamming the Republicans who signed that SCOTUS brief and calling on the GOP to formally reaffirm its opposition to same-sex marriage at its next meeting.
"We expect all Republican officials to uphold the Platform,” she wrote in a letter to RNC Chairman Reince Preibus. “The endorsement of same-sex marriage is not acceptable.” Schlafly confirmed to The Daily Caller News Foundation that her letter was motivated in part by the pro-gay marriage amicus brief filed by Republicans she described as “has-beens and people I’ve never heard of.” Schlafly also told The DCNF that GOP campaign committees should not fund pro-gay marriage candidates. “Absolutely not,” she said. “This should be a litmus test issue."
Schlafly said that Priebus sent her a "courteous" acknowledgement of her letter, but did not commit to obeying her demands.

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