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Thomas Jefferson Visits Fox & Friends

Host: "You were budget-cutter, weren't you?" Actor: "Well, I was. I believe that government needs to be simple and frugal." Fake Jefferson goes on to talk about "stealing from posterity" and other teabagger talking points.  It turns out the Fake Jefferson is the founder of the Providence Foundation.  Here's their mission statement:
The Providence Foundation is a Christian educational organization whose mission is to train and network leaders to transform their culture for Christ, and to teach all citizens how to disciple nations. We have been working since our inception in 1983 to fulfill Christ’s commission to “make disciples of all nations.” Such nations will have transformed people, but also transformed institutions — family, church, and state. The Foundation has focused on training and networking leaders in a principled, Biblical education that has historically produced liberty, justice, prosperity, virtue, and knowledge in people and nations.

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